Cartoon Network-Cine Cartoon Franchise Packaging

Writer/Supervising Producer/Director - Aaron Weiler
Green Screen Stage & Crew - Turner Studios (Atlanta)
3D Animation & Comp - Artifact Design (Atlanta)
Editor/After Effects - Battle Axe (Atlanta)
Audio Design - Circus Act (Atlanta)
VO Talent - Dave Roberts (Atlanta)

Project Details
This project was a complete refresh of Cartoon Network Latin America's Cine Cartoon packaging. My goals were to create a look for the movie franchise that fit within our network rebrand, to set the TV movie watching experience in the home surrounded by family and friends, and to steer clear of the typical movie theater clichés of the network's previous packaging.

Using Cartoon Network domestic's Flicks packaging as initial inspiration, I wrote, cast, and directed the green screen scenes, then worked with Artifact Design on the creation of the 3D animations and green screen comps. The packaging toolkit included a franchise open, 4 D-bumps, 4 E-bumps, a continues menu, a next menu, a franchise bug, and a print version of the logo. Production timeline: 2 months

On-Set Room Plan Guide
On-Set Room Plan Guide
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Behind The Scenes

Cartoon Network-Cine Cartoon Franchise Packaging

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