Handell RUSH XRC Cars Commercial

Handell manufactures and sells several lines of toy cars throughout Mexico. In 2008, they asked our in-house group at Cartoon Network to create ideas for a commercial to launch a new line of large, radio controlled (R/C) cars known as Handell RUSH XRC. They wanted to target the holiday buying season. The spot was so successful, that Handell's sales grew 130% after the commercial aired across several channels in the region.

Writer/Producer - Aaron Weiler
Animation - Hook Up Animation (Buenos Aires)
Editor/After Effects - RGBtv (Atlanta)
Audio Design - Slam! Creative (Atlanta)
VO Talent - Carl Christie (Atlanta)

Project Details
The client wanted to showcase four of their new cars in three distinct branding environments... Solar City, Metal City, and Polar City. There were many creative hurdles: the budget was very small, the production timeline was shortened in order to hit the holiday season as early as possible, we could not shoot live-action because the prototype models were mostly non-functional, and we had to show-off the unique abilities of each R/C car. So, I created a :30 script that featured three of the cars in an off-road race to the finish line, across a mythical island of diverse landscapes. I decided we should produce this in 3-D, but we could only afford to model four cars and rig three of them for animation. So, while we see three cars in the race, we eventually see that another car has already finished ahead of them. The client was extremely ecstatic with the final results. Production timeline: 3 months

Behind The Scenes: Animatic Of Storyboards For Timing & Flow

Handell RUSH XRC Cars Commercial

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