Mattel Team Hot Wheels Event Capsule

In October 2011, I traveled to Argentina to produce and direct a multi-camera shoot for Mattel. More than 20,000 people attended the three day event at the La Rural in Buenos Aires. The client wanted to capture all of the activities and excitement as kids and their parents enjoyed the world of Hot Wheels all in one place. The resulting six hours of event footage and interviews were then edited into a :30 Team Hot Wheels capsule, which aired on the Argentina and Mexico Cartoon Network feeds. This was the final piece in a year long project for Mattel, and the kids said it all... "I love Hot Wheels!"

Producer/Director - Aaron Weiler
Production Company - InJaus (Buenos Aires)
Animation - Awesome Incorporated (Atlanta)
Editor/After Effects - Battle Axe (Atlanta)
Audio Design - Slam! Creative (Atlanta)

Mattel Team Hot Wheels Event Capsule
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