Tooncast ACME Blammo Interstitial

Writers - Damon Pittman & Aaron Weiler
Supervising Producer - Aaron Weiler
Design/Animation - Primal Screen (Atlanta)
Audio Design - Circus Act (Atlanta)
Yosemite Sam - Scott Hilley (Atlanta)
VO Talent - Scott Hilley (Atlanta)

Project Details
Tooncast was launched by Cartoon Network Latin America in December 2008. The channel features all of our classic and favorite cartoons packaged within a contemporary network design. For one of our 2013 branding pieces, I wanted to create a new interstitial in the nonsensical style of the Cartoon Network interstitials from the late 1990's. What begins as a typical travel channel program, with its earth tones and naturalistic animation style, quickly takes a detour into the absurd, Looney Tunes world featuring Yosemite Sam as the "second most interesting man in the world" playing pitchman for his favorite ACME product. Production timeline: 2 months

Featured as the PromaxBDA Daily Brief Hot Spot for June 27, 2013

ACME "Blammo" Interstitial

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