Tooncast Groovies Music Interstitials

2011 PromaxBDA World Gold Promotion and Marketing Awards Finalist in the INTERSTITIAL/"PROMO-TAINMENT"/PROGRAM WRAPS CAMPAIGN category

Tooncast was launched by Cartoon Network Latin America in December 2008. The channel features all of our classic and favorite cartoons packaged within a contemporary network design. Our 2010 on-air branding initiatives included the creation of three new "Groovies" musical interstitials, designed and edited to series theme remixes by Brazilian DJ, Rodrigo Sacoman. From the many toon favorites that comprise the "Cartoon Cartoon" universe, to Scooby and the gang's never-ending chases, to Dee Dee's relentless evasion of Dexter's elaborate security measures, the "Groovies" interstitials highlight the playful cartoon DNA at the heart of Tooncast.

Writer/Producer/Editor - Aaron Weiler
Design/Animation - Primal Screen (Atlanta)
Music Remixes - Rodrigo Sacoman (São Paulo, Brazil)
Audio Design - Slam! Creative (Atlanta)

Project Details
As a start-up network, the production budget and timeline for a new set of musical interstitials were big concerns. Primal Screen met the creative challenge head-on by successfully using a selective mix of roto, motion graphic, and 2D/3D animation techniques. Production timeline: 2.5 months

Groovies - Dexter DJ Remix Interstitial

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Groovies - Scooby Doo DJ Remix Interstitial

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Groovies - Cartoon Cartoon Remix Interstitial
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