Tooncast Top 20 Greatest Cartoons Promo

To promote the Tooncast Top 20 Greatest Cartoons stunt airing in 2011 and 2012, I created a :30 promo that used live-action, 2D animation, and 3D animation techniques. While the one long camera move across a big corporate lobby looked simple on paper, the blocking and timing of the camera move across the compressed space on the green screen stage proved to be fairly complicated (see pCAM Camera Diagram below). Thankfully, I had an awesome cast and crew that were up for the challenge. Because of the shallowness of the set, the timing of the long tracking shot, and the need to be centered on Daffy Duck's entrance at the end of the track, my DP, Larry Robertson, decided to move diagonally across the set so we could keep the security desk onscreen as long as possible while looking like we were moving in one long straight line toward the virtual security doors. We also decided early on to use the Milo Motion Control Unit for precise and repeatable camera moves, as well as build a CGI version of the lobby and composite our actors and animated characters into the scene. We shot HD, but protected for 4:3 for final SD delivery. The opening headquarters exterior was shot using a Canon 5D Mark II, taking advantage of the clear blue skies for creating the After Effects comp of the animated world outside the Tooncast offices. Production timeline: 7 weeks

Tooncast was launched by Cartoon Network Latin America in December 2008. The channel features all of our classic and favorite cartoons.

Writer/Producer/Director - Aaron Weiler
Production Company - Turner Studios (Atlanta)
Animation/VFX - Turner Studios (Atlanta)
Editor/After Effects - Battle Axe (Atlanta)
Recording Engineer - DG Entertainment (Los Angeles)
Audio Design - Slam! Creative (Atlanta)
Daffy Duck - Jeff Bergman
VO Talent - Scott Hilley

pCAM Camera Diagram
pCAM Camera Diagram
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Behind The Scenes

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Behind the scenes of me directing the green screen shoot at Turner Studios. The crew used a Sony F950 HD camera mounted on a Milo Motion Control Unit for precise and repeatable camera moves. The live-action plates and motion control data were later used in the 2D/3D animation phase of the production. A big thanks to Turner Studios for providing this video clip.

Turner Studios is one of few companies in North America to own a Milo Motion Control Unit. This portable motion control system features a solid portable platform with eight axes of robotic control for visual effects that require precise control of camera movement. It's ideal for shooting stop motion, miniatures and models, high speed & slow motion, time lapse, table top work and live action that's combined with animation.

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Tooncast Top 20 Greatest Cartoons Promo

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