Georgians - Urgent Call To Action

Posted on by Aaron Weiler

Hello my Georgia production industry colleagues...

Did you know that the 2008 Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act (Film Tax Incentive) is under review in the state legislature today? It could be written off the books unless action is taken now!

The Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) is on the offense. The first phase of our plan is to populate a Facebook page with industry success stories and photos. We are calling on all Georgians to sign-on to the Facebook page and tell us how the Film Tax Incentive has impacted you. We need everyone to do this.

Sign-on to and share "why you stayed in Georgia to work," "why you came back to Georgia to work," or "how you or your company has benefited from the Film Tax Incentive." Please do this now!

A big "shout out" to our Teamsters Local 728. They were the first to sign-on to the Facebook page and tell us how they have more than tripled the number of working members since the Film Tax Incentive was enacted in 2008. These are the types of stories we need.

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